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Hotel Los Naranjos

Reform of the hotel that had been abandoned for years. Realization of basic project and execution of the rehabilitation project, building license and interior design of the hotel.

Location: Palma, Mallorca

Budget: 1.500.000€

Promoter: Privado

Surface: 1.200 m2

Scope of work: Architecture, engineering and interior design project

Multipurpose building

Building destined to market, supermarket, social equipment and housing of official protection in Viladecans. 1st prize in the contest called by the city council.

Location: Viladecans, Barcelona.

Promoter: Ayuntamiento de Viladecans

Surface: 10.000 m2

Scope of work: Architecture Project

Marina Vela Barcelona

Marina in the northern mouth of the Port of Barcelona. Construction projects of different buildings for nautical and commercial uses. The project includes the construction of a robotic dry marina, inside one of the buildings. In collaboration with Estudio Legal y Técnico de Arquitectura y Urbanismo Ltd.

Location: Barcelona

Budget: 12.000.000€

Promoter: Private

Surface: 20.000 m2

Scope of work: Architecture Project

Family house in Marratxi

Family house between medians located in the urban center of Pla de na Tesa. The house adapts to the peculiar shape of the plot, to meet the requirements of the functional program requested by the owners.

Location: Marratxí, Mallorca

Budget: 450.000€

Promoter: Private

Surface: 250 m2

Scope of work: Architecture and construction project.

Family house in Colonia de Sant Pere

Family house located in the coastal core of Colonia de Sant Pere. The interior layout is focused on maximizing the views of the bay of Alcudia.

Location: Colònia de Sant Pere, Mallorca

Budget: 410.000€

Promoter: Private

Surface: 200 m2

Scope of work: Construction.

Apartment reform in Sa Pobla

Renovation project of an apartment, which consisted of transforming very compartmentalized and poorly distributed rooms, into a more open, flexible and corridor-free home for a young family.

Location: Sa Pobla, Mallorca

Budget: 100.000€

Promoter: Private

Surface: 175 m2

Scope of work: Architecture Project

Parking and commercial premises in Puerto de la Savina

Building for parking and commercial premises. The basement was built under the water table of the sea, being necessary to make a modeling study of the hydrodynamic behavior of the land, prior to the execution, and the forecast of a system of wells for water extraction and hydro-expansive waterproofing. In collaboration with Estudio Legal y Técnico de Arquitectura y Urbanismo Ltd.

Location: Puerto de la Savina, Formentera

Budget: 3.000.000€

Promoter: Private

Surface: 4.000 m2

Scope of work: Architecture Project

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